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“Time Reavers” Audio Book Tour & #Giveaway

“Time Reavers” Audio Book Tour & #Giveaway

Author: Jacob Holo

Narrator: Tess Irondale

Series: Time Reavers, Book One

Length: 8 hours 36 minutes

Publisher: Holo Writing

Released: July 13, 2017

Genre: YA Urban Fantasy

The monsters are real, and time is their weapon.

Fed up with bad teachers and daily fights with her sister, 16-year-old Nicole Taylor yearns for something better. Sadly, she’s in for a letdown, because the world ends next week.

Nicole discovers she has a rare gift. She can bend time around her and even stop it completely. With her powers awakening, she must face the Reavers: horrific killing machines that exist outside our time.

Plagued with nightmares and ambushed by monsters at every turn, Nicole has one chance to stop their genocidal invasion. With help from a chain-smoking pyrokinetic, a neurotic sword-wielding assassin, and an icy goth chick with a crossbow, she may stand a chance.

But the Reavers are tireless foes, and time is on their side.



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Silver Dollar City National Crafts & Cowboy Festival – Branson, MO

Silver Dollar City National Crafts & Cowboy Festival – Branson, MO

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I recieved compensation in return for an honest post.



Whenever we take a family vacation to Branson, Missouri, Silver Dollar City is always on the top of our list of attractions to visit. It’s not just an amusment park, it’s a whole experience that we look forward to. Not only do they have rides for all ages, they have shows, festivals, homemade crafts and food, and a ton of daily entertainment. Honestly, we look forward to the homemade candy and soaps that they make right there in the park. We love watching them make taffy!

So one of the perks of visiting Silver Dollar City is the Festivals they have throughout the year. The most recent one is the:

National Crafts & Cowboy Festival (September 13 – October 28)

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“Corruption” Audio Book Tour & #Giveaway

“Corruption” Audio Book Tour & #Giveaway

Author: Adam Vine

Narrator: Kevin Meyer

Series: Corruption Cycle, Book One

Length: 13 hours 57 minutes

Publisher: Lilydog Books

Released: July 18, 2017

Genre: Dark Fantasy

A dishonored swordsman running from his past.

A city shrouded in dark magic.

An antihero born.

Daniel Harper was champion, until a single mistake destroyed his fencing career forever. With nothing left to lose, he flees to Eastern Europe, where he can start over… where he can be someone else.

In the exotic, lantern-lit crevices of a nameless city, Daniel meets two people who open very different kinds of doors than the ones he is searching for: the troubled flower girl Kashka, who holds the key to a nightmarish otherworld; and the enigmatic street magician and self-professed love tourist Ink, who has the power to bend others to his will.

As Daniel plummets into a downward spiral of hedonism and dereliction, he is tormented by macabre visions of a frozen world in endless darkness where an evil tyrant has stolen the sun, where humanity’s remnants fight to scrape out a cruel existence underground, and wandering spirits inhabit the bodies of the recently deceased. Daniel is doomed to return to this Night Country every time he falls into a deep sleep. But the longer he spends there, the more Daniel realizes his curse is anything but an accident….



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If you’ve never visited, you should definitely check it out. Whether you are in the market for a new or used car, or want to check safety features of vehicles you own, it’s a great place to find any information you need. You can find new or used cars, dealers in your area, or sell/trade your vehicle. They have a large database of consumer reviews to help you find the perfect car for you and your family.  In just a few clicks I can find the value of my vehicle or a dealer in my area, including reviews to help me make the best choice.

My favorite feature of is the Car Seat Safety Check page. I’m a new mom, so it is super important for me to find the safest features for my baby. They use Certified child passenger safety technicians to conduct tests of a car’s Latch system and to be sure the vehicle can accommodate different types of car seats. How awesome is that??? You can search by make and model and find out if the car seat you are using is compatible for your car. After you find the car you are looking for, they have photos and a grading system to help you with your car seat.

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Squishy Mats #Review – Save 15%

Squishy Mats #Review – Save 15%

I was sent a Squishy Mat and a Squishy Changing Pad to review, and was super excited to try them. A Squishy Mat is a memory foam mat covered in super soft micro flannel fabric. It has a non slip rubber back on it so it doesn’t move while the baby is playing on it.


Squishy mats come in three sizes:

16×32″ Changing Mat – folds and fastens with a carrying handle.

3×3′ floor mat – folds and fastens with a carrying handle.

4×4′ floor mat – folds and fastens with a carrying handle.


I love, love, love Squishy Mats! The changing pad is the perfect size for my baby and is so super comfortable that I can take it with us anywhere we go and he doesn’t have to lay on those hard changing tables or floors when it’s time for a dia[er change. He loves laying on it.

The Squishy Mat is perfect to put on our floor so the baby can play and be safe at the same time. He’s at the stage where he is trying to walk, so it’s nice that he can stand up and fall down without getting hurt because of the memory foam padding in the mat.

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“Ready To Run” Release Blast & GC #giveaway @TastyBookTours @_LaurenLayne

“Ready To Run” Release Blast & GC #giveaway @TastyBookTours @_LaurenLayne

Named Best Book of the Month by Amazon and iBooks 
I Do, I Don’t #1
Lauren Layne
Releasing Aug 22, 2017

The Bachelor meets The Runaway Bride in this addictive romance novel about a reality TV producer falling for her would-be star: a Montana heartthrob who wants nothing to do with the show.

Jordan Carpenter thinks she’s finally found the perfect candidate for Jilted, a new dating show about runaway grooms: Luke Elliott, a playboy firefighter who’s left not one but three brides at the altar. The only problem? Luke refuses to answer Jordan’s emails or return her calls. Which is how she ends up on a flight to Montana to recruit him in person. It’s not Manhattan but at least the locals in Lucky Hollow seem friendly . . . except for Luke, who’s more intense—and way hotter—than the slick womanizer Jordan expected.

Eager to put the past behind him, Luke has zero intention of following this gorgeous, fast-talking city girl back to New York. But before he can send her packing, Jordan’s everywhere: at his favorite bar, the county fair, even his exes’ book club. Annoyingly, everyone in Lucky Hollow seems to like her—and deep down, she’s starting to grow on him too. But the more he fights her constant pestering, the more Luke finds himself wishing that Jordan would kick off her high heels and make herself comfortable in his arms.


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“Once Upon A Lady” Release Blast & GC #Giveaway @TastyBookTours @AddieJo Ryleigh

“Once Upon A Lady” Release Blast & GC #Giveaway @TastyBookTours @AddieJo Ryleigh

All it takes is Fate to entice him with the very thing he never wanted.
The Soul Mate Tree
Addie Jo Ryleigh
Releasing Aug 16, 2017
Soul Mate Publishing


Respectable Lady Katherine Baxton, striving to meet the requirements of her station, has become the ultimate dutiful daughter. And now, the Duke of Blackthorn’s betrothed. Far from a love match, Kate is nevertheless determined to do as expected and marry. That all changes the night she panics at her impending future and runs, stumbling upon a private grove, a mysterious tree. . . and a half-naked man.
The youngest son of a viscount widely thought to have purchased his title, Jackson Cooper demonstrates his disdain for the aristocracy by affording himself every luxury available—drinking, wenching, and gambling—while eschewing anything representing the ton. Jackson has little care for his reputation and no desire to marry. His escape from London is all but complete.
Until fate—in the form of a beautiful, mysterious lady—interrupts his plans, enticing him with the very thing he never wanted.

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“Irresistable You” Release Blast & #Giveaway @TastyBookTours @KittyMeader

“Irresistable You” Release Blast & #Giveaway @TastyBookTours @KittyMeader

Three estranged sisters inherit their late father’s failing hockey franchise and are forced to confront a man’s world, their family’s demons,  
and the battle-hardened ice warriors skating into their hearts. 
Chicago Rebels #1
Kate Meader
Releasing Aug 14, 2017
Hot in Chicago series author Kate Meader returns with her all new, scorching Chicago Rebels hockey series, featuring her signature “steamy sex scenes, colorful characters, and riveting dialogue” (Romantic Times). Three estranged sisters inherit their late father’s failing hockey franchise
and are forced to confront a man’s world, their family’s demons, and the battle-hardened ice warriors skating into their hearts.

Harper Chase has just become the most powerful woman in the NHL after the death of her father Clifford Chase, maverick owner of the Chicago Rebels. But the team is a hot mess—underfunded, overweight, and close to tapping out of the league. Hell-bent on turning the luckless franchise around, Harper won’t let anything stand in her way. Not her gender, not her sisters, and especially not a veteran player with an attitude problem and a smoldering gaze designed to melt her ice-compacted defenses.

Veteran center Remy “Jinx” DuPre is on the downside of a career that’s seen him win big sponsorships, fans’ hearts, and more than a few notches on his stick. Only one goal has eluded him: the Stanley Cup. Sure, he’s been labeled as the unluckiest guy in the league, but with his recent streak of good play, he knows this is his year. So why the hell is he being shunted off to a failing hockey franchise run by a ball-buster in heels? And is she seriously expecting him to lead her band of misfit losers to a coveted spot in the playoffs?

He’d have a better chance of leading Harper on a merry skate to his bed…



**Special release week price of just $1.99 **


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“Skirt Chaser” Release Blast & Amazon #Giveaway @TastyBookTours @Stacey_Kennedy

“Skirt Chaser” Release Blast & Amazon #Giveaway @TastyBookTours @Stacey_Kennedy

Sometimes, Love gets filthy 

Filthy Dirty Love #2
Stacey Kennedy
Releasing Aug 8, 2017


Love gets filthy in this new erotic romance by USA Today bestselling author, Stacey Kennedy.  
Greyson Crawford works hard by day and plays even harder at night. And he understands and obeys the rules of the game. One, don’t mix business and pleasure. Two, employees are off-limits. So, he’s been eagerly counting down the days until interior designer, Evie Richards is no longer under contract with his Seattle  architecture firm. But when that day comes, he realizes there are more obstacles in his way. The biggest…Evie herself.
Until Evie gets asked to be the maid-of-honor in her best friend’s destination wedding, and Evie needs a date. The circumstances are perfect for Greyson to set his plan of seduction into motion. He will happily play the boyfriend for the weeklong wedding event, if Evie will surrender to his every command and play in his bed.
For Evie, it’s all fun and games until Greyson’s first touch; then she begins to question what’s real. She knows better than to fall for a guy like Greyson—a skirt chasing ladies’ man—but with every slow caress and kinky adventure, she realizes that Greyson knows what he wants, and it isn’t just her body surrendering to him…it’s her heart. 

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“Vangie Vale and the Murdered Macaron” Book Tour & #Giveaway

“Vangie Vale and the Murdered Macaron” Book Tour & #Giveaway

Vangie Vale and the Murdered Macaron
by R. L. Syme

This book is not yet up on Amazon or GoodReads
Release Date is set for August 1.
Approx – 380 pages

Small towns and gossip go together like flaky crust and sweet pastry cream. Between the police scanners, social media, and the senior center, it’s like a zombie apocalypse where the undead consume people’s secrets instead of living flesh.

But Vangie Vale wants nothing more than to stay under the radar…especially the police radar.

So when her new bakery becomes linked to a murder investigation, nothing will stop the gossip mill from connecting her to the dead body. Can’t have that.

Forced into the role of investigator, this new-in-town bakery owner has to become the very thing she hates–a nosy, small-town gossip–in order to clear her good name, and keep her face off the front page. But when a dating debacle brings her face-to-face with the Sheriff, Vangie can’t ignore the fact that one of her macarons was involved in a murder. She has to find the who-dun-it.

Book One in a cozy culinary mystery series from USA Today Bestselling Author, R.L. Syme.




About The Author

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