Squishy Mats #Review – Save 15%

Squishy Mats #Review – Save 15%

I was sent a Squishy Mat and a Squishy Changing Pad to review, and was super excited to try them. A Squishy Mat is a memory foam mat covered in super soft micro flannel fabric. It has a non slip rubber back on it so it doesn’t move while the baby is playing on it.


Squishy mats come in three sizes:

16×32″ Changing Mat – folds and fastens with a carrying handle.

3×3′ floor mat – folds and fastens with a carrying handle.

4×4′ floor mat – folds and fastens with a carrying handle.


I love, love, love Squishy Mats! The changing pad is the perfect size for my baby and is so super comfortable that I can take it with us anywhere we go and he doesn’t have to lay on those hard changing tables or floors when it’s time for a dia[er change. He loves laying on it.

The Squishy Mat is perfect to put on our floor so the baby can play and be safe at the same time. He’s at the stage where he is trying to walk, so it’s nice that he can stand up and fall down without getting hurt because of the memory foam padding in the mat.

Do you want to save 15% on a Squishy Mat?? Click HERE for your coupon!! If you’re a mom, a grandparent. a pet owner, etc, you will love this mat.

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